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BrandBOOST is a program created by the Optimized Outreach Media team focused on boosting the personal brand of YouTubers as we believe this is necessary in building a strong fanbase.

This program is designed to assist YouTubers in doubling their monthly revenue.

YouTube generated $28.8 billion revenue in 2021

If you are interested by this program, it is fair to assume your brand is in the Content Creation Industry. This is an amazing industry to be in, with a 46% average increase year-on-year.

Fortunately for your personal brand, YouTube is expected to boom in the next 5 years and become a billion dollar company despite the predicted slow down in the economy. 


BrandBOOST Content

This program includes a personalised online marketing strategy to double monthly profit along with building a sustainable fanbase.


Video Engagement

Aesthetic Editing

Posting Volume

Funneling from other platforms

Optimising Positive Fanbase Response

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